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Wendigo went home Tuesday night. At the time Runic Wolf commented that it looked like my dream was coming to an end. But I didn't think of it that way. I love Wendigo, but I would never dream of keeping him from his family. He loves them the way that I love Runic Wolf and our son. I could never stay away too long, it would make my heart hurt. So when Wendigo went home, I was content. Besides, this week was a game week, so he was back over here tonight.

I was actually pretty spoiled today. Runic Wolf's ex invited me over for a home spa day. She and I are very attracted to each other, but have been dancing around each other for over a year now. Runic Wolf struggled with their break up because it was sudden and unexpected when things were going so well. Our kids hit it off great and our families mesh really well, so we've all remained friends, but felt it would be awkward for she and I to become involved. . . but damn, do I miss her. Anyways, we gave each other facials; I dyed her hair with henna; and she painted my feet while we watched Supernatural. It was very relaxing and just what I needed since I'm working very late all week. Afterwards, I picked Runic Wolf up for his last follow up dentist appointment, which went smashingly and he was back to work in 30 minutes. I did a bit of grocery shopping until it was time to pick Runic Wolf and Wendigo up from work. After we got came home I cleaned the livingroom while Runic Wolf worked on printing out new character sheets and Wendigo slept. Once the living room was clean I came upstairs, checked in with Runic Wolf to make sure it was okay that then crawled into bed with Wendigo for a nap, something we didn't get to do on Sunday because we were afraid we wouldn't wake up in time to be home for dinner. It felt good to curl up next to him and listen to his heart beat. I think Runic Wolf was surprised to come in to let me know it was time for dinner to find us asleep and not having sex, especially since I'd been telling him all day how horny I was, but sometimes a girl just needs to cuddle. Speaking of cuddles, Runic Wolf is passed out next to me and I can practically feel his body begging for cuddles, so I should really get to bed.
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