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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I have a hard time with thinking of this party as a poly event.
Hey RP,

I just think it illustrates the different outlook and priority sex plays in different people's lives. No more - no less.
I think you're creating questions in your own mind where there are none (or shouldn't be). It's not 'comfortable' for you. That's totally fine. For whoever participates - it is. That's fine too.
Again (and again and again and....) this reflects back to the whole attitude people have about the little word 'sex'.
Think of it this way...............
If this was just ....say... a barbecue party would it raise the same questions in your mind ? Not likely.
So now, we're going to barbecue and get down in the grass and somehow that's different ?

When sexuality finally becomes as accepted as ribs and burgers these questions (finally) go away. Because sexuality is every bit as normal a part of the human experience as eating. And whether your hunger is for 1 burger or 4, with or without condiments is based on your own needs.

All in the mind I say


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