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Default Advise on our new relationship

My wife and I have been together for 5 years. My wife (A) has been bi curious all of her life. We recently had a discussion about getting a girlfriend. We have been talking to a girl (M) for some time now. We where upfront about our intentions with her (we where looking for a sexual relationship). M wanted to get to know us first and we where ok with that. Now things are getting serious. My wife and M are falling in love. The relationship with M and myself is moving more slowly but strong felling are developing between us. We all have talked about our expectations and are just going with the flow of things for now. We are all happy with how things are going.

Where I need advise is, things are to be turning into a relationship. We live in a small town and we are concerned about how are children (3 &4) would be treated. Also we think M and A's family would be accepting of our relationship. I am not so sure about my family. My family had a hard time when my wife and I first got together as she is black and I an white. Most of my family would not even speak to me for a few years. I have a cousin that is dating a guy that is black now and is scared to death to tell our family.

When asked about our relationship we just kinda change the subject and have not openly told anyone yet.
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