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Ok, for the record, I am NOT any kind of whore, good or bad. (and BoringGuy, of course i know you've never heard a Justin Bieber song.)

What I am, though, is a person with a very high sex drive. I feel very irritable (ANGRY, even); I have trouble focusing on the things I should be focusing on (work, for example); and I'm not my best self if I'm not getting my sexual needs met. I am also not everybody's cup of tea (who is?), so it's not like i have a long line up out the door of eligible men to choose from.

The relationship i had with this particular guy was not optimal, granted. But it was nice to have someone to have sex with. I find it a major struggle to be all principled and selective when it means I have to walk around feeling like I want to punch a wall because I'm just too horny. So if it is indeed possible to motivate this convenient, pleasant, former lover of mine who actually DID find me to be his cup of tea to change JUST A LITTLE BIT, then it would be worth the twenty-minute conversation.

So yes, I concede, it would be convenient if he would change a bit. And people CAN change; I know it because I have changed enormously in the last ten years. Sometimes even in response to suggestions from people I liked and respected.

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