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Default after over a thousand posts, I am pretty sure folks know you by now

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Most of the time i'm just repeating back to people what they already wrote. Sometimes i do a little reading btwn the lines, going out on a limb, assuming, juxtaposing, etc. and i'm prepared to be mistaken and have it pointed out to me... But i realize what i am doing and purposely try to phrase things in the most "vulgar" (pedestrian, working-class) way because that's how people think before it goes into the "filter" of brain-to-mouth-or-keyboard.

tl;dr. I appreciate the compliment; i know i'm not full of shit, this time, and even if i am, i bet i'm not, really.

but the "million dollar question" is why?

Hang in there Sortafairytale, some people do the exact opposite of the behavior that would get them what they want, but either way, whether she is only into your man, or really wants you more but is just playing games, she isn't worth it. People that do that kind of crap in regards to matters of the heart only cause pain for everyone around them. Consider yourself lucky you found out earlier rather than later.
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