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i regret to inform you all that i have made the decision of leaving my bf anf gf i came back from vacation and was informed that gf yet again told bf that she initially wants monogamy but he wont give it to her and she cannot give him what he truly wants which is to be truly happy in a relationship of three i have exhausted myself trying to make her feel more for me but if thats not how her hearts feels i wont force it, she says she does have feelings for me they are just not to that extent and i agreed that neither do i because i have secluded my emotions because of all she has said and done. bf doesnt want to be with either one alone so he agrees then everyone goes their separate ways, and i as well agree i am truly hurting right now but i have to do it. it is tearing my heart apart but i have to let go because this isnt working and this is how he wants it, and she in the long run will want monogamy. whats a girl to do right? i told them maybe in the future we can come together if we reanalyze ourselves and the situation or maybe we all agree that friends is better than just distant strangers. hes upset and hurt he has the right to be as does she and i but the choice im making i believe will help me sleep at night more so i know it will. thank you all for all your support and all your well wishes and advice, i know a few of you felt i should leave because its not all in a temple of mutuality and for those who rooted for me and them thank you for supporting me.
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