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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Hey, if you've got boundaries, you've got boundaries.

I would also be uncomfortable with not getting to meet one of my partner's OSOs. For me, jealousy is reduced to nothing once I am in the same space with their partner, even if it's only a time or two. Every time I've made the effort to meet a metamour, any jealousy immediately dissolves, and compersion results.

I don't know why your wife would feel contempt for you for wanting to at least briefly meet her new bf. I can understand why he'd be scared, god knows we read that here a lot, where a new partner is too scared to meet the primary. But, beware. It doesn't speak well for her bf.

Meeting a new partner is a boundary many of us have. I'd feel sick if one of my partners had another partner who refused to meet me, just for an hour or two!
You speak a shitload of sense here...I like it.
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