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It's nice how you separated your non-negotiables from your ideals; showing some good self-awareness and obvious introspection.

To add: If you're anything like me, I like to feel like my relationships are "progressing" - so assuming your absolutely-must-be-respected boundaries aren't crossed, maybe I'd think about adding a timeline/deadline for the other things I'd preferably want. Can be explicitly stated if you desire. Depends on where or how long you want this to go.

Originally Posted by Leelee22
If he and I meet and all i hear is the "no, nothing's changed, i just miiiissss youuuu", I will concede that I am indeed an idiot.
Beating yourself up for having hope when you've made measures to protect yourself if those hopes are dashed doesn't make you an idiot. It just makes you hopeful. After all, "it's just a conversation, for heaven's sake."
Dating Rock and Paper.
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