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Okay, I missed that. So, sue me.

Still don't know why you've got a bug up your ass about it. Someone in the other thread says the guy acted in a cowardly way, and WH points that out that the guy was called a coward, but without naming names. You consider that putting words in someone's mouth and felt you had to scold her for it? Simply out, I disagree with your viewpoint. But I won't say anymore about it so as not to cause further threadjacking.

Back to the OP's topic...

Librarian, I think the biggest problem you and your wife are having right now, with regard to this situation, is expectations. Your wife was sharing flirty texts with this man for only two weeks and then is in a lot of pain about his pulling back? I have to say that sounds rather melodramatic. Methinks she needs to toughen up, grow a thicker skin, and keep inflated expectations at bay. You two are used to your dynamic and pace. Now that you are opening up to other people, you will have to broaden your understandings of how people relate to others, and not hang so much hope on a minor thing like a few weeks of flirty text messages.
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