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Originally Posted by Scissors View Post
You stated someone called the OP's boyfriend a coward.
No, WhatHappened did not specifically state that anyone else called the guy a coward. See:
Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
. . . But just an idea of the position he's in, and the idea that her relationship with him will go better, and have more possibility of returning to what she really wants with him, if he's cut some slack, given the same understanding we'd all like from others, and not called cowardly, fickle, and indecisive.
Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
And to be clear, I know it wasn't YOU who called him a coward. I'm just saying, dismissing people with pejoratives, regarding him in the negative light others slap on him, is the surest possible way to ruin a relationship.
I did not read the other thread (or at least I don't remember it), so perhaps you are bringing information from that one over here which is causing you to react this way, but as I read what WhatHappened wrote HERE in this thread, I took it as more of a summary of possibilities. The OP said, "He seems fickle and indecisive like that" and all WhatHappened was saying is, "Look at the reality of the situation and what he is going through. Why call him fickle, indecisive, cowardly, or anything else you find negative, if you are not willing to see it from his perspective?" She could have said wishy-washy, scared, standoffish, or any other adjective instead of and in addition to "cowardly." As someone who did not read the other thread, it was clear to me that she was NOT putting words in anyone's mouth, but merely listing possible negative characteristics that could be hurled at this guy. So, you come on.
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