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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Another thing... I agree that those who cheat repetitively are in a different category somehow than those who have one offs. Something different there that I have been thinking about. Also that it all revolves around communication break down and fear to get back on it. Sometimes beacause the two people have moved away from each other, sometimes not.

Off to think more.
Good topic, enjoying reading it.

Question on this one RP.
How do you define "repetitively" vs "one off".
It's mostly curiosity-as Maca and I have discussed this as length.
I had an ongoing affair with GG.
Having no knowledge that there were other options-I found it impossible to find my way through the emotions I have for both of them....

Not excusing or saying it's right. As everyone knows Maca and I have come to our terms about it.

I was just curious.
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