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Again -- if you have the ability to leave now, could change mind and leave now. Wash hands of shenanigans and not look back.

If you want to put up with wackadoodle to wait til 7 mos out, because you get some benefit from that approach -- go with that decision.

If you are not ABLE to leave for whatever reason, and are stuck there? Because of no car or finances or whatever? And are being abused or harassed or whatever? Seek aid. Or?

COULD LIE until you are in a better position to get yourself out intact. The leaving time is the dangerous time. All it takes is a jealous nutter with a gun and the attitude of "If I cannot have you, nobody can!" kinds of crazy. Ugh.

Could break up with the GF chickie to assuage fiancee and get her off your case so you can be safe enough for now.

Could quietly Google how to make a safety plan, then put it into effect. Could call parents or other relatives who might take you in. Could call local aid for abused people to see what "out" you can access.

All up to you how you want to deal with this.

FWIW? Normally I rather be super honest and truthy with people I'm in relationship with.

But when dealing with a nutter? All bets are off. NO. I don't have to be truthful to a nutter. They are a nutter who is making me feel unsafe and posing a danger to me. So screw them. Every person for himself!

I hope you are safe enough over there. Only you can tell the severity of this situation -- you are the one actually living it.


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