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You're 21 and you've only known this woman for a year. Regardless what other people might have to say about "NRE" or you changing the relationship by moving away to go to school and/or having another girlfriend... That is not how an adult in a caring relationship goes about communicating with their so-called partner. That is the sound of an adolescent girl who just got dumped by the boy next door. People show their best side only at the start of a relationship. Sooner or later, they start to get comfortable and show their worse sides. Eventually we get to see what people are like during a crisis or a fight. That is when they show their TRUE selves.

I am a firm believer that the quality of a relationship is measured NOT by how wonderful things are when they are wonderful, but by how you handle things when things are NOT so wonderful. When i "fight" or "argue" with my partners, it is always ABOUT something, and we are always mindful of the goal which is to resolve a situation. When we can't arrive at a solution right away, we "table" the matter and return to it later, or we agree that it remains unresolved indefinitely yet still requires attention at some point. This screaming and flailing and name-calling are not addressing the real issues.

tl;dr A year is not a very long investment in getting to know someone. People show their true colours during times of crisis.
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