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I do think they have some responsibility over their own relationship, and it's not like R took the lead in creating this mess. she gave C every chance to back off
Not the lead, but still co-created a cheating affair between them.

Not EVERY chance. Not the chance to feel "broken up with R -ness because of my lying and cheating" feelings to see if that modifies her poor conduct.

Could note this.

Asked R not to preform certain sexual acts that are more likely to pass stuff, and am hoping she will have enough self control to respect that.
Easier to control YOU. And say "NO sex with me without barriers. Dental dam, gloves, etc." or perhaps no sex at all til this is resolved.

I don't feel safe or close to her while she is acting this way. Couldn't even sleep in the same room, I get mini panic-attacks and sleep in the guest room.
Do what you need to do for your own self care. And sleeping apart to reduce crazy is a good first step. Time will lead to you the next one.

I just hope missing me a little might help R get over this crazy infatuation faster .
For your sake, I hope so too. Sigh. What a mess.

You are in a hard space -- dealing with many peeling onion layers and arriving at new awarenesses with each one.

Hang in there.

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