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I have struggled very very hard with this, and am sometimes still struggling. It has been a major life lesson for me to get to the point where I understand that it is possible to love, honor and respect a person who loves someone I cannot love, honor or respect. And there are moments, even 2 years in, when I still get that feeling "Who are you?"
I try not to judge him for it, and focus on how he treats me (and there have been bumps in the road there, as well.. some broken rules and trust, little lies, etc., mostly in the beginning under the influence of NRE) and how he behaves towards me.
Cleo, the above? Does not sound "happy" to me.

I just wanted to point out that it is possible to have a happy poly relationship with someone who is in a relationship you don't like / approve.
It IS possible to be in some kind of relationship, I'll grant you that. But to me there's nothing "happy" sounding in there for you to me.

One doesn't have to love their metamour. But there can be respect.

But in both cases -- this is not "polyshipping" to me. This is "cheating affair-ing" to me.


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