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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
So matt told si to fuck off and get out of your lives, and now you're both saying that she abandoned your children because she didn't stalk and harass you guys in order to get to see them after being told to fuck off and get out of uour matt?

And si is the one who abandoned the children?


If you repeat that ovet and over, do you eventually start to believe it? Like drinking that Kool Aid got all those people into Heaven, right?

Stop me when i'm done.
I do not believe anything. I cannot say what is right or wrong or even what I would do in that situation. I can only be empathetic and try to be neutral. I removed myself from the middle, so I can see it from both sides. If I was in her shoes, would I want to be around someone like that? No. If I was in his shoes and someone had hurt my child, would I be that forgiving and just hand them over a second chance to possibly do it again? No. That is what I did, though.
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