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Alright. If you are going to take a meeting, could ask him for the agenda. So you can deal with your worries about feeling shy, not articulate, and unprepared and get your own proposal in order if you are going to start up again.

Get it out on the negotiation table straight up this time. His proposal offer to you for a new polyship. Your counter offer. Then you deal with the wife's buy in or not.

It's either a match across all players or not.

And be prepared to walk away if the offer if less than stellar. Only accept stellar. You already had less than stellar here before. Could remember you dumped him for a reason. For you to reconsider? Better be SUPER stellar then.

Did you want to write out what you are thinking out that you want from polyship to help you prepare? And have forum people give you feedback on your own proposal?

Whether you want others input or not... could just print it out and fork it over for him to read. There. Done. No worries about being shy or articulating verbally. Just fork it over. Discuss your hard limits (will never change, dealbreakers) and soft limits. (could change in time.)

Remember you can always say "No, thanks. I vote " no confidence" so I cannot allow myself to accept this proposal."


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