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wow, tough crowd...

I guess from my perspective, this couple deserves a little tolerance. They are new to this, and she isn't comfortable. I can empathize with that.

Also, their situation is a bit unusual. The reason they tried an open relationship in the first place was to permit him to have sex with MEN, not women. Not sure if it's the same everywhere, but in Toronto (a very gay-positive city) gay and bi men tend to have pretty casual FWB-type relationships outside their primary relationships. I suspect that before I came along, that type of secondary relationship for him (with men) was the only kind this couple had experience dealing with. I don't think he set out to intentionally treat me badly, they just didn't really anticipate that I might have different needs and wants than a man would. I think it was more a case of making mistakes than taking advantage. All round.

Maybe that's an over-generous analysis on my part... But I'm going to err on the side of tolerance and hear what the guy has to say. It's just a conversation, for heaven's sake.
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