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Default New to poly, Questions....

Hello all, I am 21 years old and about to become a student.
I have been in a relationship with a wonderful girl for about 2 years. We took a hiatus for a month, in which I almost went back to an ex girlfriend (Who I had previously dated for 5 years). I am still very good friends with my ex and she proposed that we three start a poly relationship.
I had heard about polyamory before, but didn't understand it very well. I am starting the get a grasp for it. I am for this adventure, because I haven't ever tried anything like this before, and I do care for both girls a great deal. My girlfriend is hesitant to start a poly relationship, because she is worried about competing for affection with my ex, which I can understand, but I am trying to explain that my relationship with her (current girlfriend) and me will be a primary and the relationship that she (current) and my ex along with the relationship that me and my ex share will be not less loving, but if a problem with the poly relationship starts hurting our primary relationship, that we will pull out.
I think that the jealousy can be calmed if not removed entirely by proper constant communication. If there is anyone that can offer advice and help towards trying to make this feel like a more possible thing, that would greatly improve my outlook on this. Also if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you have have a pleasant day.
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