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Ha, dick cushion, that's a good one. She's a kinky girl, I see nothing wrong with it, of course I want to make passionate and sensual love to her as well. And yeah, she's a cowgirl alright, but I'm okay with it, the stuff my fiance's been pulling lately isn't acceptable and I want out at this point.

And yes, she was referring to my Fiancee. And yes, the intention is "I'll let you do this, but only if you promise you'll come back to be by yourself in 4 years and get married to me"

And yes, the case is one of "Do/Say what I need to to get out of here with benefits " And yes, I'm aware of keyloggers, I'm a pretty in depth computer guy, so I believe I would notice it if it were happening, and I don't think she'd be so intrusive or smart enough to do it, if she does, that just means I leave for school earlier.

I'm watching my own back above all else, and I'm going to enjoy this new girl while I do it, when I go to school I won't be living with her, I'll have my own place, I'm sure she'll be over there a ton though, I'll even let her leave a toothbrush
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