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New girl told me "I know you're super angry, I wish you were here so you could take it out on me~"

So uh, she wants that
I wouldn't want to be some angry man's dick cushion. Gross.

You need emotional support and she offers you what? The opportunity to service her sex want? What are you? A living dildo for these women? An object, not a person? Grosser.

I'd be leery she's messed up too. Is this one a cowgirl? More than happy to rope you away from the fiancee?

Watch your own back, dude. Could not engage in less than self-respecting behavior.

I'm going to college next spring, I signed a contract this morning with her stating that I'd be poly with her and away at college for four years, that I'd see her 2-3 days every week, and that after those 4 years I'd be monogamous to my fiance..if it doesn't hold up, she told me "so your soul burn in hell".
Who is "she" here? The Fiancee?

Listen, you propose marriage to her and now have contracts with her to assuage her insecure? Call it a contract or call is agreements -- it doesn't matter. You both have the right to define your relationship however you please. It is not notorized. It is not legal or binding or anything.

But the INTENTION behind the contract does not seem to be "let's get on the same page and make agreements for how to treat each other so we can handle you going to college."

The intention sounds like "let's keep him on a short leash while he's at college because I don't trust him/don't want him to escape me."

And that whole burn in hell thing -- what kind of respectful thing to say is THAT? After not respecting you enough to leave a note when she's out all night?

If it is a case of "say/do whatever in the short term so I can escape a crazy situation" so be it. But if that is the case, be careful how you access Internet from her home. You don't need her keylogging and peeking and escalataing the drama-lama over there.

Def seek employment elsewhere and a new place to live as soon as realistically possible.

And just to throw it out there -- the tactics of power and control. In case you are experiencing any other behaviors that are off putting and controlling and can't quite ID them.

From EITHER woman. If you are all crushy NRE -- you may not be seeing it all clearly. Or if you easily get sucked back in because they play your emotions -- could guard against that.

Again... could watch your own back dude.


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