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Default Love is a very peculiar occurrence

and rarely a day goes by that I am not reminded how few people exhibit behavior that communicates they really do understand the concept of Love. And even of the few, everyone has temporary moments when they forget the truth in regards to this force that was named Love.

Don't worry about the label of poly or mono because those terms came about only because there was so much confusion about what it really means to Love. For most people Love either brings the greatest joy into their lives or else it causes traumatic levels of pain and attempting to share your life with the wrong people will inevitably bring the painful side of Love into your life, it doesn't matter if your label is mono or poly.

I know it seems hopeless for you to be able to experience Love in the way you desire it in this situation, but don't count it totally out. The world is on the verge of a much greater understanding of Love, and a lot of all the unrecognized hate that keeps people in the closet will rapidly seem to disappear, and it really isn't that far off in the future. It honestly could happen tomorrow, it could happen any day because it's only a matter of honesty that prevents people from truly understanding Love. Honesty is a practice not a decision, and our minds are blind to many obvious truths when we stop practicing honesty.

The truth is, we are all capable of loving freely, and doing it (loving people freely) responsibly, which is the only way to exercise any freedom without eventually losing said freedom or racking up large debts so to speak

I know it looks bad today, but there is a growing movement and people are beginning to take a stand, many will no longer tolerate hateful traditions no matter what a society threatens as a consequence for non-compliance. People are beginning to speak out when they witness these old, hateful, and wrong traditions' practices being enforced, they speak whenever they see these unjust actions afflicted on others no matter how subtle societies attempts to keep these evil traditions alive have become.

Wrongful discrimination of anything and anyone is on it's way out of societies accepted behavior, and one day soon it will be the bigots who have to live closeted, and then it will become obvious who understands love and who does not. It doesn't have anything to do with the labels monogamy or polyamory, there are plenty on both sides of those labels who fail to recognize all that should be obvious, especially recognizing and distinguishing the differences between Love, Hatred, Respect , and Freedom.

Honesty and being responsible has more of an impact on a person's ability to understand Love, and to be able to experience it as joy without having to pay a heavy price for that experience.*

If you want to speed up the process of the world becoming sane, speak up when you witness people afflicting others with subtle or not so subtle ways to enforce fucked up, outdated, and just plain wrong tradition, because if everybody did, today could be the day

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