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Up until this point, our daughter was unaware that Si was not moving. We did not want to tell her that, yet. Why make a bad situation worse? The time was just never right. We finally told her this morning, and she did not take it well at all. In fact, our nanny said that she was in her bedroom with her door closed most of the day. She checked on her to make sure she was okay, but at this age, it is normal to want some degree of privacy. She had to convince her to eat lunch and to leave the house this afternoon.

She wanted to know why. I tried to explain it, but she is in the "why, how, what" stage. Her response, "But she is part of our family." That just made it even worse. I asked her, "What does family mean to you?" Her response was, "People who love you." She went on to list people like me, her father, her little brother, grandparents, our nanny, and yes, Si.

Si is coming over later this week to talk to Matt. They managed to come to an agreement of terms and stipulations, so it is going on. While she is visiting, she said that she does not mind talking to her. I think the three of us need to talk to her. I am going to run this idea by Matt when he gets home. I hope he does not shut it down like other things. Our child's happiness should be important to him. Especially since he saw how upset she was this morning.

I underestimated how upset she was going to be. I was thinking more along the lines of, "Oh, children are resilient, and she will bounce back." I believe this is why I was initially in full support of LDP or long-distance parenting. I wanted to allow them to still have contact. I was more than willing to let Si be involved in every aspect from the teacher's name to video chats to sending birthday cards to letting them talk every day. Unfortunately, my hubby was not quite okay with this idea, so it is not going to happen unless he changes his mind in the near future.

I have to finish cooking dinner. Maybe I can get her to open up and tell me what all is bothering her. I hate to see her blue.
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