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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I ended my relationships with Derby and Brad this week. The extent of Mono's actions have been revealed as he starts considering dating. He was with a woman from LBs school. LB and his gf are considering monogamy and I am unable to carry on balancing four relationships right now. I am concentrating on home and me instead. I am completely unsure if concentrating on my relationship with Mono is the best plan. Time will tell. I could very well end up facing my biggest fear. That of being alone.
Well, that was unexpected.

Do you mean that Mono was with a woman from your son's school, and you just found out about it? (I am assuming you also meant another one of your loves and his girlfriend are considering being mono.)

Balancing four relationships, parenting, and a full-time career has to wear you out. It seems like you still have some years until your child is out of the house. The older he gets the more independent he will be, but that would have still left four relationships.

Are you having a hard time adjusting to Mono exploring poly and being ethically non-mono as opposed to straying? It sounds like you are struggling and having a hard time with more than one thing. I am sorry for that, and I do hope it gets better. Sending you hugs.
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