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me and her do get i guess date day. but most of the time its a quick lunch. there has been a couple times we have gone out and gotten our nails done which was alot of fun. but that gets expensive. but no i have never had alone "intimate" time with her. We are not living together. She was about to move in till something happened and that hasnt even come up yet. My husband and I have been with her for about 3 months. there was 3way sex but honestly in the 3 months we have been together it has happened twice. i told him last night i dont think she really wants 3 way sex i think she only wants sex with him. which im not ok with. i am Bi not straight. i want both. The NRE is mostly them. i mean i will get a i love you from her, and we will hold hands but its kinda weird. almost like shes not sure. i have told him about the texting and he is getting alittle better at it. he knows that if we are having sex no texting and he has gotten better. hes having a hard time with her too. last night on their date she tells him she wants "alone" time so bad. but its so hard with her. something always comes up. or he tries to go to her house to make it easier but she will say no because her room is a mess and she doesnt want him to see it. he is really afraid because she really doesnt get it from him that she is gonna go somewhere else and get it. which i dont think she would. and i asked him about opening our triad and he said no way. which sucks for me because i have thought about getting a girlfriend. i think he would be ok with it but im sure she wont be ok with it. its weird because these are the exact feelings i was having before all hell broke loose. then in the middle of it i realized what i really want is her. i really want us to work. me and her are suppose to go out thursday and im suppose to stay the night at her house we will see if that happens. i dont think it will. but what im more excited for is me and her are suppose to go on a overnight trip. they were talking about a overnight trip and i told them i dont want them doing that till i get a over night trip with her first. is that bad of me? its just they have had alone intimate time and i havnt. so i think it is only fair that me and her go first and then they can go. maybe it will make me feel better?
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