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Default Teenagers

I have twin 14 y/o boys. One of them very much digs girls, the other one not so much yet.

I'm at a loss as to how to broach the subject of polyamory in a non-threatening or scarey way to the one who digs girls. He's told me things like: he was at a b/d party last weekend (the ONLY male there btw) and one of the girls was leaning against his back and another had her head on his chest. All of this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling because he's obviously comfortable enough with me, especially when his brother's not around, to discuss these things with me and because it seems like he's open minded enough to allow that there MIGHT be other relationship models out there other than his parents' failed marriage.

I've always been fairly open about sex and sexuality with them and plan on continuing to be so.

Maybe I should just let things ride for now, see where they lead.

I've always tried to expose them to alternative lifestyles (Pride day events, BDSM family friendly picnics, poly picnics, etc.) and for some reason I just can't figure out how to explain this to him in a way that's non-judgmental, open, honest and non-threatening.

Where's my copy of "Sex and Sexuality for teens" that was SUPPOSED to be delivered the day they turned 13? lol

Thanx for any and all thoughts.

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