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And all I can think about is how livid I am and how much I want to rage fuck my new girl.
Um... venting about it, sure. Actually "rage fucking" your girl? I'd hope you want to have a better sex share with your new GF that is better than THAT. She deserves better treatment.

She better have a good explanation for this, I'm already looking at cheap apartments and a job tonight. This is just too much to handle. I love her dearly but keeping me up all night long worrying about her is not cool
There is no explanation for lack of consideration to that degree. No note or anything?

Def get a new job, new apartment. Even if you kiss and make up and continue to be engaged? You don't need the threat of homelessness hanging over you. Live separately in engagement time.

This is precisely WHY I am a fan of looooooooong engagement. You get a real measure of a person's ways and their character through MANY situations and circumstances.

Hang in there.

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