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Smile Hi

I'm living on the East Coast, and a married, female medical professional who identifies as bi-curious.
My husband and I started out as a mono relationship, and in the past month or so, he approached me about opening up the marriage.
Being a big science fiction and fantasy reading nerd from forever, I think, made me more open to this intellectually than I otherwise would have been given my upbringing.
However, my husband is more interested in Swinging type relationships (to him sex is kind of like a physical function, like eat, sleep etc...)
While I am more the type that I need romance, dating, at least a very deep and open friendship plus that physical attraction, before I really want to get into the bedroom with anyone.
We are expecting our first child, and have put on hold any physical explorations of any kind, until after we give birth and have figured out how to fit our new baby into already very busy professional lives.
However we are interested in friendships, especially with people with long and positive experiences of open relationships, as we figure out what it is we want!

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