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Stonebreaker, welcome to the world of poly, and this board.

Texas Christians coming at poly, with a history of deception (getting pg on purpose to keep her man, then her man cheating on her 25 years later to get back at her-- talk about a long-standing grudge!).

Yes, many Christians interpret their Bibles to say polygyny (one man, multiple women) is AOK with God and Jesus. (Polyandry [one woman, multiple men], not so much... sigh...)

Your wife was a virgin when you and she first hooked up, and has only had you ever since? You only ever had the one child together? Was that part of your punishment for her tricking you into a shotgun marriage in the first place?

So now she's still desperate to hold onto her man. This time her ploy is getting all up close and personal with your mistress...

How will this plural marriage fly in your Texas town? If abortion and dumping a woman who deceitfully got pregnant to force marriage was a no-no, will your churches accept you living with your wife, dating another with the goal of moving her in as a second wife? Or do you not care about the opinions of your religio-social group as much now as you did 25 years ago?
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