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Already a month ... time flies by. I felt like updating but there is nothing much to talk about. At least if I stay within the limits of our little poly relationship. Everything and everyone is doing OK.

Sward replanted our herb garden and prepared a little selection for Lin to use in the kitchen. Lin started to do all the every day housework, like cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry etc. because Sward and I are away most of the day. He seems to like this new kind of job, because he really gives it his all. Planning for meals, going shopping, totally caring for or even sheperding us in a way. Jobwise he was really unlucky and his health has been quite bad during the last 6 weeks. I guess, it works out fine, if he really is unable to find some kind of work in the foreseeable future, that he just stays home and sticks to the housework. Sometimes it is all he is able to actually do over the course of the day.

The situation at Swards workplace is much more relaxed lately and the missing wage has finally been payed last month. I am still not happy with some of his work conditions but he wants to stay there for now and I will not meddle with this. In regard to our fertility treatment, we will take a break till July to wait for the health insurance switch, to get back 100% of the costs. I do not know how far he is thinking ahead already, but I am kind of mulling over the possiblity of ending up staying childless. I do not know why I am so negative, but I guess, we will have to see what comes out of it. Like always

My mother has been diagnosed with dementia. There was one point missing, but as she got 10 of those points and you are regarded as age demented from 9 points downwards ... well, she seems kind of relieved, that there is a name to call the weird things happening to her lately. The chemo treatments have affected her brain and nerves and that is the result. Again, I have no idea how to help her or how to treat her, if this gets worse (what it surely will). She is still so young, I hope that this state will not worsen too soon.

My best friend moved out of the house she and her husband shared with her parents into a flat some kilometers away. Good decision, they defentiely needed the space. As I was working half the day, my men went and helped and I joined them later. I realized as how normal I myself regard our relationship by now. I did not waste one thought what their friends (who were there as well) might think about us or how I should or should not act.

There seem to has been a moment before I arrived when Lin and Sward were discussing dinner; Lin said that he would not cook that evening and Sward joked about me being grumpy if I was to get hungry later despite the food my friend provided for our help. She told me, that that moment gave most of the others a pause and they started thinking about our constellation as those male strangers (we did not know the other helpers) were both obviously talking about the same woman. When she told me, I just smirked.

I no longer get worked up about what others might think. I do not care. I handle conversations about my private life and our unusual relationship much more ... naturally and more like a matter of cause. It is what it is and I no longer have the patience to excuse someone being so stunned that he or she dares to personally attack me for the life I lead. I do not have this urge to explain any longer. Took me almost two years to reach that stage

Well, that is it for now. Hopefully I will come back with some happy news soon ^.^
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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