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I find I have things to write about the positives that I got out of my early childhood. I wrote a bit above about the struggles and habits that developed from our family structure.

The very strong positives that my parents gave all of us was a love of people. As kids and teenagers we were encouraged to talk to people we didn't know, to get know folk and to spend time with people who were living very different lives from the ones we were living.

My mum, in particular, was welcoming to everybody and growing up, we had several additional siblings who were welcomed in.

For years, my sis had another family - she used to spend weekends and some holidays with them and they used to come on holiday with all of us regularly too.

Acceptance, an ability to not feel territorial about those we love and a joy at meeting new people are all skills that my parents gave us. These are things to be celebrated, I think.

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