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Default small town secrets

i live in a small town as well, smack in the middle of the SC Bible Belt. no one understands, everyone judges and everyone talks. only been in a poly relationship for a little over a month and already i've lost so many friends. most i didn't tell personally, they found out in other ways. i'm terrified of what my and JS's families will think when they find out i now have a boyfriend while we're engaged. i worry day and night over the possibilities of DSS trying to take my son away... If i had the money best believe i would move somewhere new, start fresh... it feels so right and i'm so happy... we're all so in love. but it's hard to feel right about something when you have people you've been close to for years calling you raunchy and nasty... like i'm sleeping around or something. it's love. it hurts that i have to live life knowing that people i love think i'm trashy simply because they don't understand my heart and because they're too closed minded to realize that love has no boundaries.
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