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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
You didn't have the choice "taken away" from you. You chose to marry "your girl" instead of not marrying her. You had a choice, and you chose.

I bet your therapist(s) would say the same thing.
No. We agreed to use birth control. An accidental pregnancy would have been one thing. But we had an agreement. She violated that agreement by deliberately going off the pill in order to get pregnant, thus forcing marriage. Her family was two doors down the street from mine, since the 8th grade. She knew exactly what the outcome would be - otherwise, why would she deliberately risk pregnancy? In the small town I grew up in, in the social class we were in, there was no choice in that situation.

Originally Posted by nancyfore View Post

You sound so positive that your solution is perfect for you and your going to be perfectly happy.... Your not thinking of the two other people involved in your relationship. What happens if they aren't ok with your happy picture? It sounds a bit self serving. You cheated and your happy and though it would be nice for you if it all worked out, it sounds like your forcing your wife to either like it or leave it...
Well, maybe I haven't been able to completely document everything that has been happening. My wife is concerned about whether she is going to be replaced. I think somebody in this thread described it as 'grieving for the loss of the monogamous relationship', and that seems to describe her behavior perfectly. She keeps offering to step aside to make room for the new love, and I have to keep emphasizing to her that far from wanting to replace her, I want her more now than I have in a long time.

I took my wife for granted. I am not taking her for granted any more. I am working my butt off to show her that far from being replaced, she is going to receive more quality time from me from now on than she ever has before.

Originally Posted by nancyfore View Post
Your wife might be talking to the other woman simply because she feels that she has no other choice but to be friends with her.
No, she has stated that whether or not this works out, even if she ends up divorcing me, she will continue to be friends with U. She says she truly likes her, and I believe her. They've been talking on the phone for over an hour tonight. As I said before, I don't understand women. I just accept how they feel and go from there.

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