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Default Our Journey

Where to start...

Once upon a time...
no, that does not work.

Just the facts then:

We are a very happy couple in our early 30's who have been together for many years, we have children together and are a happy family. Both of us are professionals, I am a oilfield worker (supervisor) and she is a photographer. Just over a year ago we started exploring sexually, she is bi sexual and wanted to experience this, after a while she found a partner for this. It was a great experience for all involved. While this relationship did no pan out, it led to other doors opening, and many discussions followed. We have some very good friends that practice poly, and that lead to us doing some research and finding our way to this online community. The journey of learning has been a experience in itself.
While she has had a couple of experiences with other ladies in the past year, the most eye opening was recently.
I was home for some extended days off as happens every year in the spring while we wait for the great white north to thaw and dry out some. One of her good friends who we both know quite well was hanging around the house quite a bit, and pretty much ended up staying for two weeks. I guess you could call this a experiment in poly. In her stay we all were a family unit, we functioned and communicated as a family, helped each other, and shared the same bed upon occasion. It was obvious from the start that my other half was the hinge, when the bed was shared it was ensured that all were satisfied.
All in all it was a great experience. Sadly the time came when the third had to go home, but we are all looking forward to when this can happen again, and you never know, perhaps someday it will become more then just a every so often experience.
We have both learned from this experience in so many ways. We have learned about ourselves and each other. We have learned that this is something we enjoy.

To Be Continued:

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