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Hi Oly,
Reading your story almost makes me shudder, being that i was recently in a situation similar to yours. The main difference being that i was led to believe my partner had the intent to come clean with her primary. I wont ever put myself in a situation like that again. Period. If I cant be loved out in the open, then so be it.

It's going to get sticky on a bunch of levels. You have stated you're already experiencing some hindrance as to who you can be truthful with and HOW truthful you can be.

I feel like I'm being pushed back into the closet. It sucks all around.
ugggh...poor thing...

Are BOTH of you prepared to be outed as cheater's and/or accomplices?

Unfortunately, most of the advice I can give on this pertains to your wife more than you, and we both know you can't control anyone else.

My advice to you- don't tolerate it without raising a fit (if at all). The potential price is too high (C's kids, R's job, your freedom to be Truthful at will) Certainly, you don't own her, but you do have ownership in what you'll agree to participate in. If she wanted to steal someone else's puppy I bet you'd tell her no. That may sound silly and I'll get flamed for it, but it's perspective.

If C was lying to YOU, would R be her accomplice then too? This all reeks of NRE drunkenness impairing judgement. Big hugs.
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