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So my life is pretty chaotic right now. I managed to get 3 placements all with in the span of a month. I'm working as early as 8am until as late as midnight, sometimes on the same days. So when Runic Wolf came to me last month and mentioned that Wendigo would be staying here for a couple of days while his family is out of town, I decided to ask for what I want. . . .a real date day with Wendigo. Not just some stolen time in our busy schedules, but time to ourselves. And you know what, I got it. Actually, I got better than that. Due to the way our schedules worked out, I got a whole afternoon alone with him at his place before he came to spend the night last night. Definitely something I'd love to do again if given the opportunity.

And yes, Runic Wolf, I do owe you and love you even more for allowing me to have this time.
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