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If it's not all out in the open, eventually it will end in a mess... We (nutbusterx and I) have had the experience of the other person in the V that was cheating and they (nutbusterx and the other end of the V) were co-workers.. It was hard for him to get over, it was hard for him to continue while every day telling her to be honest with her boyfriend, and in the end she finally came clean saying that she had no intention of ever being honest with either men in her life... After the break up (she continued flirting at work) the work environment was strange and took a few weeks to get back to a point where work was normal again...

Speaking from experience, nothing should continue unless and until the other person is honest and not cheating... If this person is being dishonest with someone they love already, what guarantees that she will be honest with your wife?
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