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Haha, seating arrangements sorted themselves out the instant we got there It was awesome having dinner with the two of them.

DK and TJ update: They went on a break for about 2-3 weeks, and everything cooled down quite a bit. DK realized that he probably didn't want things to continue with TJ longterm. TJ posted an article on "why it's great to be single" while on the break, so, she probably was coming to similar conclusions on her own.

DK and TJ still work together, and DK has said that it really sucks losing a friend at work, and that his days have been kind of shitty, but getting better. There is a work get away, and he's decided not to go because it would probably be awkward and bad. We're going to hang out instead.

I never spoke to TJ (in text, or phone, or person). It seems strange, and I hope when DK meets somebody in the future it goes a little differently than this time.

So, probably last update. Thank you for the support and encouragement - I know there are a lot of "please help me fix my situation" posts on here. Normally I just lurk on my own but this has been very helpful.

WK - Live in BF. DK - Out of town BF. Me trying to be cool.
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