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Talking NRE on both sides

So John is going on his first date with a great prospect, and I sealed the deal and got a new boyfriend yesterday. Its weird, but kinda cool that we both (hopefully for him) found someone that is cool with the polyamory and wants to date us each individually.

I'm a little scared of the simultaneous NRE though. I'm afraid we will loose each other in the shuffle. We agreed to have us time that was free of convo from and about our others. We have decided this us time can be declared fluidly, so if either of us feels we need it, then we can. We are also setting aside date nights for us. Even if we just stay home, these us nights will be the key to keeping our relationship strong.

I'm super excited and so nervous for him. I know he will do well, but he hasnt had a first date in 3 years. They are getting coffee, so no big pressure, but if the conversation doesnt flow or the feelings arent there, I dont want him to come home bummed. I hope I'm txting him at 6 asking him when he plans on being home. We have a 4 hour contact rule. we have to contact each other every four hours that we are out with someone else. So 6 is that point... 3 more hours or so. I hope I'm sending him a message that says "dont feel like you have to come home now, but I was wondering when you were planning on it."

I kinda want to meet her before things get involved, but she is nervous about meeting me. I understand where she is coming from but I always have my dates meet John right away. If they can't handle it, then they arent worth it. I'll give her a few weeks to adjust. I have expressed that I want to meet her before they have sex, but I'm not hard on that requirement.

As for my boyfriend, he will be dubbed N and although its only been a few days, I'm very hopeful for a long relationship.
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