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Originally Posted by PapaRhino View Post
I don't think I've explained myself clearly enough, here, let me try this.

I was fine with the relationship until this new girl came into the picture, yes, that's true. When that happened, it made me reconsider what I was doing with my life now. Before this new girl I had planned on just staying with my fiance for the long haul and taking things as they came, school wasn't a thing on my mind, nor was getting a car and learning to drive, I was content with just her and I living together and I'd take a fall if it happened. So no, I wasn't concerned with my individual growth until this new girl came into the picture.

If my fiance's other partner didn't reenter the picture, I would still be completely committed to her and our original goals and mission.
That is exactly what I thought. Your path has completely changed based on other people who just happened to show up in your life. If those chance events hadn't taken place you'd have followed an entirely different course. I was trying to suggest that you be wary of pointing yourself on any lifelong trajectory which is being determined by these chance events and other people and instead give yourself time to determine an intentional path for yourself you'd like to follow before you make any commitments for the rest of your life. You don't have to know everything now just give yourself the space to figure it out.
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