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I am glad you enjoy your line of work -- but again... could do same work elsewhere or change work so your fiancee is NOT your boss at some point. I am glad you see that.

She might be cool to work for NOW but you never know later in polyshipping if she goes nuts on you. Then you are left on shaky financial ground. What if she fires you? And then you have to see her at dinner time? You already state not wishing to end up homeless should things fold.

Or for the simple matter of 2 members of family work for company A. Should it fold how many people are screwed? Both. Versus each of you working at different places so should one lose work, there is still the other person hopefully doing ok.

This is very, very true. After this new girl has come in my fiance now wants to learn to skateboard and go to punk rock shows with me..but I believe it's just an act and she's not really interested though she states she is. It's just too weird of timing to me.
Yup. Take it with a grain of salt. But enjoy it anyway.

New girl says she wants to be with me until the day we die, that's a strong commitment to make after a month of knowing somebody. And I don't know if I can believe that so soon, hence me waiting the seven months so I can position myself to better make this choice.
Yup. Take it with a grain of salt. But enjoy it anyway.

Again, kudos for seeming to have good judgement/evaluation skills. Keepin' it realistic over there is a good thing.

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