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Originally Posted by Josie View Post
About 7 weeks ago, he went out with some of our friends, I had a large and imminent deadline to work on, so stayed behind. He stayed out all night without telling me he was going to, or letting me know where he was until the morning. I was really worried that something might have happened to him. It turns out he had gotten drunk and spent the night at a girl we'll call B's house and it had gotten amorous.
I have no idea how to use the quote function on this site, so here goes nothing lol.

Anyway, it was the above section of your message which worried me hun. I'm sure your boyfriend loves you and cares for you, but he should know that it's not very considerate to let you worry about him like that. I hope he realises that it wasn't fair of him to do that. What if you had gotten really worried and called the police? I've had the same argument with my husband before, and now if he's going to be out for a lot longer than planned he lets me know. All I want is to know that he's safe.

Anyway, hope that you get this whole thing sorted.

Kim xxx.
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