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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Sounds like you have come to a conclusion. You seem to show sensible judgement and will choose well even if the choices are difficult.

Don't be afraid of choosing. We choose all day long, hon.

What to eat for breakfast? What clothes to wear today? Where to park the car?

Just that some choices are small and others are big. Some consequences are felt as small things and others as big things. But ALL choices come with consequences. Even choosing not to choose -- that is a choice. Time will march on and here comes the consequences of passive selection.

Could keep working to get out from being so dependent on your fiancee. Maybe apply for work elsewhere with improved pay. Or even same pay but better emotionally/psychologically so she is not also your boss.

But def don't get legally wed if your thoughts are running in that direction right now.

Again, better a SUCCESSFUL engagement that helps you both to realize you are not compatible for marriage. Than a failed marriage stemming from a poorly executed Engagement Time that was to rushy or not talking deeply enough.

I love working for my fiance, I help disabled people find jobs and I do their job applications for them, I really, really enjoy my work and her business sense is amazingly good, so she's probably the best boss I could ask for, coming from a pizza shop at 100 degrees in Michigan. Because of that, I don't mind working for her until the end of the year, or even maybe while I'm in school if we can work something out to do that well enough.

My decision will be made over the next seven months, I have to feel out this new person in my life to even see if I want to move out for school or stay with my fiance.

But right now? I really, really am looking forward to longboarding next summer with this new girl, laying in the sun together afterwords and madly passionate and kinky love making.

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
It sounds like you're more "buddies" with the younger one than the older me. I mean that in the sense that being buddies is a solid foundation for a life-long relationship, just like i have with my Other Partner. I knew right from the beginning that we would be great friends, that was before either of us realized the other was interested in more. It really is a great thing when it happens that way.
This is very, very true. After this new girl has come in my fiance now wants to learn to skateboard and go to punk rock shows with me..but I believe it's just an act and she's not really interested though she states she is. It's just too weird of timing to me.

New girl says she wants to be with me until the day we die, that's a strong commitment to make after a month of knowing somebody. And I don't know if I can believe that so soon, hence me waiting the seven months so I can position myself to better make this choice.

...And who doesn't want to wake up in a space you can call your own, with a smooth, white skinned nubile body in lace underwear handing you a bong in the morning before class? *birds chirp* I know I want that.

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