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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
That used to be us, but my husband is getting better and the kids now beg to let them stay in the car with their video games. Sending him to the big warehouse store by himself was never a good idea. I think he actually thought our freezer was really a tardis. He will still come home with too much junk food or frozen stuff, while I splurge on a better bottle of wine or such.
I can go in the store and stick to the list of five things. When they are with me, it suddenly becomes, "We need this, this, oh and this, too." I do not keep close tabs on what is at home unless I am looking for it and realise we do not have it. I am taking their word and trusting that. Bad idea every time.

I never send Matt to the store. I used to, and he would come back with everything BUT what I asked for. I just have to look at him, laugh, and roll my eyes.
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