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Sounds like this is a woman who knows she wants what she wants and she better get it or else.

This is where she might end up with "or else".

You know, you can love someone with all your mind body and soul, be "in love", and have them feel the same way about you, and STILL NOT MAKE GOOD PARTNERS now, or ever.

I think she wants to keep uou dependent on her so she can control you. I can't imagine saying to either of my partners, "postpone your dreams and goals so i can have you by my side". I have sometimes not had contact with my Other Partner (the one i'm not married to) for YEARS, and not only do we always pick up right where we left off, but the sex gets better EVERY time, so much so that i'm a little afraid of going back for more because i don't know if i can handle that much awesomeness. I wish the same thing on yourself.
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