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BoringGuy. I've thought of this a lot as well, and I think you might be right. Another reason why I want to talk to him. I'm worried though that a conversation about the reality of me having sex with my wife after they have maybe been on a date will affect him. It's something I think he needs to hear, although I know my wife think it will scare him off. But, shouldn't these be things he needs to be forced to think about? Is him deluding himself and thinking he is in a "normal" (for him) relationship healthy for him or my wife? I assume he needs to be equally as poly as my wife and I are contemplating becoming if it is going to not end in total ruin and disaster. To WhatHappened's point, I want to give him some credit and assume that this is equally new to him, but I just get the sense he is wanting to walk into it eyes wide shut.
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