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This is what I was trying to tell my fiance, but from her point of view, if things are going well with her and I, then why do I need to rush into school and why do I need to experience the 20 year old college life if I'm really in love with her and cherish our lifestyle that we have together?

My answer to this is that these years are a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that I'm only going to be in my 20's once in my life.
Pretty much.

This is YOUR life experience, and you get to be the captain of your own ship. You WANT to experience the 20 year old college life, it is not unreasonable to want for your age and stage of life.

She can share in some of your life with you, but honestly? If things are going well with your relationship, you taking off for school is no different than if one of you were military and deployed. Or in some other line of work where travel elsewhere is required. People can and do adjust to the schedules of the significant other.

Why does she want to hold you back from education? Because it might make you able to support yourself even better and not need her financial support? Worried you will find someone else? What's her rationale here?


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