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Originally Posted by lizzygirl2412 View Post
ROFLMAO... I am extremely OCD when it comes to my toothbrush and my personal space. I find one of the greatest attributes about being submissive is my ability to be patient, bide my time and figure out what to do that will be best for me. I will let things be with them for now, in the mean time I will be working on me... Separating finances, work and where to go all with a smile on my face and a skip in my step because at the end of the day she CAN'T be me!!
And yes I have thought about the different things I'd like to do to her toothbrush!!

Good for you. And for the record, so what if you ARE "OCD". I didn't mean to imply that being like that about your "stuff" is a character flaw. I meant all that like, it isn't for other people to dictate what you should put where in your own home and then judge you for it. I judge people all the time, but i invite them to judge me right back, and i am aware that my "judgment" says more about me than it does about the person whom i'm judging - but i am a firm believer that one does not go into someone else's home and re-arrange items in closets, cabinets, refrigerators, drawers, attics, cellars, crawl-spaces, chimneys, plumbing, woodwork, floorboards, barns, sheds, outhouses, wells, cisterns, tents, trailers, tractors, trucks, doghouses, outhouses (didn't i already say "outhouses"?), henhouses, yurts, wigwams, igloos, canoes, or ANYTHING that belongs to me and does not belong to you, without permission from the owner(s). Keep your fucking hands off my stuff and get your own damn castle, queenie. Kthxbai.

And that bit about your husband wanting you to teach her to be like you is just ridiculous and weird, D/s or no D/s. see what i did there? I judged someone. Go ahead - judge me now. I can take it.
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