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Thanks for your reply. You bring up some very valid points. I know I'm being hard on him, but after seeing what a wreck my wife has been for four days, I guess it's hard not to be judgmental. In all honesty, I've actually been trying very hard to see his side of it. He is going through a divorce and has a semi-steady girlfriend. The more I learn the details of his life, the more I actually feel that this would not be a good thing for him to get involved in.

For an update, they met last night and spoke for about three hours. My wife came home and told me everything. Indeed, he does want to try again. My wife is still unsure how she feels about it, considering the pain she felt and the now very clear complications involved. Then he kissed her...

I'm still trying to process my own feelings. After much talking with my wife last night, I'll admit that I felt upset. What was supposed to be an hour long conversation that resulted in closure to this relationship ended up with a kiss and the idea of it being continued. I want to feel that compersion for her, but right now it's just so damn hard.

Also, I've been telling my wife that if things are going to continue with them, I want to speak with him. Talk things out. He is apparently terrified of me, or doesn't think I could possibly be ok with any of this happening, and that is really not what I want. I actually think it would be easier if him and I were friendly with each other and could talk openly about this all. My wife fears that he won't be up for such a conversation, and that bugs me.

WhatHappened, I'm going to reread your message several times today. I don't think my update/reply really covers most of what I'm feeling, but I have even more to think about and talk with my wife about. Thank you.

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