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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post

And, as an aside, it's nice to see that the toothbrush thing isn't just me - I find it a very personal thing. It *meant* something to me when my partner began to leave his toothbrush in the holder with mine and my kids', and I loved it even more when his daughter left hers in the same place. It's *home*. From my personal POV, she's displacing you from your rightful place in your home. If it had been me, I probably would have had fantasies about displacing HER toothbrush right in the toilet.
There are folks i know of who would argue, "it's just a TOOTHBRUSH, for god's sake. What's the big deal?" and try to make it out like the OP has some sort of OCD about material objects with little value to anyone else, and for not being understanding that maybe the girlfriend doesn't have a toothbrush holder and keeps hers in the cabinet, and it's just old habits are hard to break, etc.

Anyway first of all, this has been going on longer than 2 weeks. So she very well may be more familiar with the inside of your home than you think. Even if that be the case, it is still not ok. Second, i'm sure everyone agrees that this isn't ABOUT the toothbrush, it's about the toothbrush being a very personal thing that nobody else should even WANT to touch. I mean, even if she DOES do it differently at her place, this is not her place, and... You just don't DO something like that! It's safe to assume that we all as adults know how to brush our teeth, what kind of toothpaste we like, etc. that we don't need help from some newcomer.

Geez, this is some fucked-up shit going on up in there, yo.
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